Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Eminem returns, underwhelmingly

The return of Eminem from retirement hasn't exactly set the world alight, Iodlator is reporting after playing through the snatch available:

Sonically, one of Nah Right's commenters calls it without even bothering to download it: "generic eminem production (snares too loud, moody strings)." As for Em, he's still mugging in silly cartoon accents (quasi-Spanish nonsense here, if that matters), slouching on his storehouse of meta self-referentiality (getting defensive over that infamous clip of a young Em letting the N-word slip), dropping kindergarten-restroom scatology (something about peeing, or drinking pee, I couldn't be bothered to parse it before noon to be honest), and otherwise obscuring his own technical gifts under 10 tons of shtick.

It seems that, yes, people are sick of Slim Shady. Still, since Em's business now seems to be suing rather than music-making, he probably won't be too bothered.

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