Friday, October 12, 2007

Established musician signs to record label

After this last week, someone signing to a record label at all is so unusual, it's worth commenting on. That it's Bob Mould makes it tantalising. He's cut a deal with Anti; the first fruits of the partnership, District Line is due sometime in February and includes a track that was originally intended to appear on Workbook:

“Walls of Time” is an outtake from that very album.

“It was a Workbook song that didn’t make that record,” says Mould. “That was one of those songs waiting a long time for recording. But it seemed like a really appropriate closer for this record, when it popped back into my head.”

We're sure that's "appropriate" as in "it fits and has finally found a home" rather than "if we stick this old thing on, we can go home early and catch deal Or No Deal".