Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If only Snoop could save us

What is responsible for the rise in gang violence in the UK? Apparently, the ban on Snoop entering the country:

"I really wanted to be a voice to stop gang members ‘cause they respect me enough to get into a room with me. By not permitting me they're saying they just don't want me to solve this situation.

"It's not the fans, it's just a few people in white wigs and members of parliament. They got a problem because the judicial law is from the 1800s."

Oddly, though, America - where Snoop lives - also has a problem with gang violence which, oddly, Mr. Doggity Dogg hasn't been able to "solve". In fact, if memory serves, Snoop was unable to stop his own entourage from attacking staff in the BA first class lounge at Heathrow, the reason he's banned from the UK in the first place. Perhaps if Snoop solved some problems closer to home, the white wigs might be more amenable to giving him a chance to try to sort out England?