Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lennox gig interrupted by Grumbleweeds

Talking of eye-catching walk-offs, Annie Lennox fled from the stage during her Boulder gig after spotting a bloke wearing a gas mask and a cape in the crowd.

It's not known if other Grumbleweeds characters, like the poor impression of Jimmy Saville, were also in the audience with Wilf 'Gasmask' Grimshaw.

Lennox is pretty pissed by it all:

"In the 30 years I've been performing, I'm not that easily shaken," she wrote. "The security at the hall were extremely lax, and Mr "Nightmare on Elm Street "( or whatever weird thing was going on in his head) should never have been allowed to get anywhere near. Trust wasn't nice.?I'm usually very patient and easy going with most kinds of behaviour in an audience...but that was really freakish and disturbing, whatever the hell it was. He owes me and my band a fucking apology".

Oooh! A fucking apology, mark you.

This was Boulder, of course, home to Mork and Mindy; you surely have to expect that sort of thing.

We now look forward to constitutional experts debating if the right to wear gas masks to theatres is on a par with bearing arms or shouting 'fire'.