Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Leona Lewis doubles up

Curious: A company called UEG has got hold of a bunch of Leona Lewis demos and is planning to release them at the same time as the "official" Lewis album. Cowell and his team aren't happy:

Last night a source in Leona’s camp said of the compilation: “These are unfinished tracks and UEG are clearly attempting to exploit Leona’s success.

“Our team is looking into this. We are concerned that her fans could be ripped off by a bootleg product.”

UEG, for their part, say the tracks were ones Lewis had been working on with them before she won X Factor and said goodbye to them; they're just trying to make back their investment.

That's not what's curious, though. What is curious is that Bizarre is running a taster of the UEG record, The Best Kept Secret, and Victoria Newton is providing positive reviews of the product. Is The Sun really backing a product which will cause upsetment in the X Factor camp? Or is there something all a bit stunty going on here?