Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not Simply disbanded

Mick Hucknall has decided the world has had enough of Simply Red:

The 47-year-old said Stay, released last March, would be the group's final studio album, and they would disband after their tour in two years' time.

"I've kind of decided that the 25 years is going to be enough," Hucknall told the Gold radio network.

To be honest, Mick, most people thought that somewhere in the region of three years would have been enough, but at least we're all sort of on the same page now.

You've got to love the belief, though, that the world still has a couple of years interest in Simply Red left in it.

And it's not all good news - he's merely going to plough on as a solo artist. Which, judging by the way Hucknall ran the ship for the last couple of decades, might represent little more than a change in which part of Woolworths his albums are filed in.

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James said...

"He's merely going to plough on as a solo artist"

Drat, how did I know that was coming? He teases us with the promise of no more soul-crushing mid-eighties wine-bar hell, then he pulls a Pellow on us. It's no good; He could release an album of Gospel-fused Bolivian nose-flute music, and yet it'd still conjour up images of massive mobile phones and Rodney Trotter in a suit.

Still, I must say I'll miss the rest of the band. Especially, um... Bob?

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