Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Radiohead: beyond the rainbow

So, the download version of In Rainbows has happened; what about the physical product? The New York Times is reporting that Coran Capshaw's Side One labelette (a side-business to his management of Dave Matthews and others) and XL will release the record in the US and UK respectively. But only for a time: the band are keeping hold of the rights, so the deal will only allow the labels a brief crack of the whip.

Which is only fair - after all, it's not like the labels had to pay for the record to get made, so why should they own the disc?


Emalyse said...

It's a shame that it takes the clout of a heavily established band to "crack the whip" in this way. It's likely to be something that emerging artists will aspire to in terms of control of their own product.

ian said...

Radiohead could allow the labels to release the CD, say, for around £10 a time, and then give them 50p per CD for their efforts. Or have I misunderstood the way these things normally work?

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