Monday, October 15, 2007

Sex Pistols snubbed all over again

Oddly, having spent the last couple of weeks banging on about the campaign to get the Sex Pistols to the top of the charts, the NME seems to have gone slightly coy about its level of success.

It turns out that even the likes of Luke Pritchard insisting that John Lydon had some sort of right to be number one because thirty years ago he was less popular than Rod Stewart could only get the Pistols to number 42. This chart position somehow fails to make the NME's chart round-up:

In a fairly quiet week for singles Elvis Presley has a hit with a reissue of 'Big Hunk O' Love' at Number Twelve.

No Pistols in '07, then.

Presumably, this was all the doing of "the Man" in some mysterious way. Still, better luck in 2027, guys.

[Thanks to anonymous on the Idlewild post for reminding me!]


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