Monday, October 15, 2007


Rod Jones, Idlewild guitarist, nearly managed to wipe out the entire UK tour at their Liverpool show in the old L2; so overcome was he watching the support band he flung himself, Princess Diana-like, down the stairs. (Alright, he fell.)

The result? Soldiering on in agony:

"I landed on my arm, which is the worst thing possible for a guitarist, so it wasn't the best start to our UK tour.

"It was a bit scary and I thought we were going to have to cancel a whole bunch of shows. My arm was agony so we strapped it up and put it in ice. I didn't want to let our fans down so I played the gig but I can't say it was the best performance I have ever given.

"There was quite a bit of wincing from me during the show and I was pulling some amusing faces.

"We discussed pulling out of the tour because I didn't want to do my arm any more damage.

"After the gig we went straight to the hospital to get it checked out. I was told I had a hairline fracture but the doctor said I could continue to play."

Despite being in agony. Of course.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hijack this thread, but how come there's no news on the sex pistols 'regaining' the top spot of the charts courtesy of nme? what's that?? 'the man' wouldnt even let them in the top 40 this time?! whoa!

Unknown said...

reminds me of one of my favouite ever lines in the NME - when a reviewer described an early idlewild gig as "the sound of a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs". Chortle, etc

Alex B said...

I didn't even know Idlewild were still going. Do they have ANY fans left?

eyetie said...

Idlewild, Ash and the Stereophonics have had similar paths: both started off as non-English pop-punk bands with amazing debut albums before succumbing to REMitis (just as REM were succumbing to a lack of ideas and interest) and have moseyed along in the background for at least 5 years since their least haf-decent album. 10/10 for longevity, shame about the music.

Has anyone actually seen thse bands in the same room?

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