Sunday, October 28, 2007

Simon Cowell owes a shedload of chld support

There can hardly be a moist eye in the house as Simon Cowell reveals he's the world's father figure:

"I've got about five million kids in the world at the moment - all the kids that watch our shows."

Oddly, this makes Cowell something of a bad parent - one who empties the kid's piggy banks when they're not loooking, what with more than 1 in 10 votes for the X Factor 2005 final having been charged and ignored.


Anonymous said...

What sort of father would inflict Same Difference on their children? That's the parental equivalent of saying "Kids, you know how all this year you've been asking to go to Disneyland? Well, since you've been so well-behaved, we're going to do something even better than that... I'm taking you to Kettering World of Fun! You remember, the one that was on the local news after the chlorine leak? It's a great place, you'll love it! They've got a man in a copyright-infringing Spongebob costume and everything! Who needs the boring old Magic Kingd- Why are you crying?"

PS I saw X Factor on Saturday. It was 'Film Theme night'. You'll never guess which song they got girl-group Hope to sing! Imagine my surprise when they turned in a cover of 'Lady Marmalade'.

In Matalan basques.

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