Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sony bounce Britney forward

Because her album hadn't exactly lived up to its name, Sony BMG have brought forward release of Britney's Blackout.

Peter Paphides in The Times has a "world exclusive first review" which, unlike his colleague Victoria Newton's "world exclusive first review" from down the Wapping Corridor in the Sun a couple of weeks ago, is based on actually having heard the finished album:

If truth be told, certain songs wouldn’t have sounded too different if her vocal were totally erased. On Get Naked (I Got A Plan) and Radar her voice is a piece that slots tidily into a finely sculpted piece of burnished future-pop.

Paphides concludes that - since she was a popstar before she was a fully-formed person, it makes sense that her popstardom is the last light in the building to be switched off.


Unknown said...

"Perfect Lover and Toy Soldier are quite simply two of the most strangely wonderful tunes to emerge on any record this year – exercises in sonic risk-taking..."

who does this guy think he's kidding? has he been listening to nothing but paul weller for the last two decades? i just listened to these two songs on youtube and they're about as generic neptunes/timbaland-influenced R&B as it gets in 2007. they don't so much push the envelope as vomit all over it


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