Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spears fears

We were going to headline this 'save the Britney - save the world' but then, as we read the page, we saw they were using "save the popstar - save the world" with a straight face anyway. The "friends" (or, at least, semi-shunned former entouragettes) of Britney Spears have launched a MySpace calling upon us all - all to take part in something akin to a mass-participation cyberintervention:

As concerned friends and former associates of Britney’s, we come to you asking that, instead of adding to the rumor mill, if you are so interested and concerned about her behavior, be active and participate in ways that you can make a difference.

Sitting around and talking about how bad of a person, singer, mother – whatever your thoughts are, these things won’t help change this very broken woman. Help Britney help herself by expressing your concern to those who are largely responsible for her success, and continue to capitalize on her every move.

Below we have outlined our thoughts on how you can begin to help Britney, and help open your eyes to how the industry works. These thoughts apply to everyday life, and aren’t exclusive to the inner functions of the entertainment industry. Having worked in and within the industry, we thought it pertinent to give a minor glimpse on those who most capitalize on entertainers’ successes and even on their "failures".

We feel it best to put some weight on these entities we feel need to be held responsible for allowing Britney, and any “over the edge” entertainer to come back to work when clearly not yet ready to hold down a job. Britney is scared to be out of the public eye because she, for reasons unknown to many of us, has horrible self esteem. She is a beautiful woman with so much potential to really clean up her act for the benefit of her future and that of her family and friends who care about her. Her record label releasing another album of hers so quickly is seeking solely to capitalize on her yet again, when clearly they will be able to capitalize on her whenever they release new music of hers. Britney isn’t going anywhere – look at Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay has taken two months out of her life to center herself, sober up and really change. She has long since been forgotten, and is even going back to work this week on a new movie.

We ask you, as concerned fans, outraged parents, whatever the reason for your interest in Britney’s personal life: make your voice known, be active, don’t just add to the gossip.

Contact MTV and hold them responsible for allowing Britney to come out and really give us all the finger because she knew we’d all be curious to see what she did.

Contact her record label and let them know you’ll buy her album, but not until she is clean and sober and realizes the amazing life she has created for herself.

Contact her music publishing house who is responsible for tracking Britney’s music. Publishing houses pay artists when their music is played on the radio or purchased in stores or on- line or played at live performances such as her MTV disaster.

Contact her management and let them know that they’ll make money together with her for a much longer period of time if she is clean and sober. Management’s role will be constantly in jeopardy if Britney continues to spiral out of control.

Clearly Britney is not in a good state of mind; a judge would not have ordered her children to be taken away from her had she proven to be in a good frame of mind to care for two young children. What makes anyone else think that she will be able to “go on with the show” in the same state of mind?

Ultimately we ask that you show Britney you care about her by being proactive. Let her know by contacting these responsible parties. Let them know you’ll be around to buy her music, her merchandise, etc when she sets a better example of how to be a performer.

In the same respect, contact the record labels or production companies of other stars who you’ve loved bringing into your lives and being entertained by. Be pro active and let these employers know that you feel they need to show extra attention to their at risk employee. As you would with anyone you care about, ask anyone for their help to help people at risk of any sort of addiction remain sober and to help them monitor who their employees associate with. It is every employer’s job to make sure their staff are doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.

We think they mean that Lohan has been "forgiven" rather than "forgotten" - for wouldn't being left alone to live life in public be rather crushing for Spears, a woman who exists solely when the red lights of on air or taping are glowing?

And is saying "tell the managers they can make loads more off her if she's sober" really the way concerned friends would talk? This sounds less like "save Britney", more like "help keep the golden-egg-laying goose in circulation."