Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The unfriendly Ghostface

Ghostface Killah, out of the Wu-Tang Clan is annoyed, angered like you wouldn't believe: his solo album is now schedule-conflictedly, coming out the same day as the Wu Tang album. He wails that it's not fair, Mum, he had that day booked first:

"I had December 4 for the longest but the Wu album, brothers was kinda late on doing whatever they were doing and pushed it back.

"They trying to fuck around and make me push my album back and doing all this. But niggas ain't fucking around or give us money when we did them Wu-Tang tours.

"The first one, they paid us after a while, but this last one, niggas is holding onto a lot of money. And [they're] upset based on that. It's a battle right now."

He was keen, however, that MTV should note that his problem did not lie with his fellow clansmen.

"You can put this in there, I'm not [mad at] all the members. It's not based on the members, but the hierarchy at Wu-Tang Clan is on some bullshit."

Mr. Killah could, of course, blame this on the popular management handbook 'My hierarchy is On Bullshit', the follow-up to the best selling 'Who Moved My Bullshit'.

If we understand his complaint correctly, the double-date is because some mysterious bosses are trying to punish him for, erm, not being paid for some sort of album?

To be frank, given how ropey Killah's solo stuff is, he should be thankful that there might be something to tempt his fanbase into whatever record stores remain open.


Jack said...

Whilst trying (and failing) not to sound like a middle class Guardian reader (free poster of Arnos Grove tube station in today's issue!), do people actually talk like that? And do they realise that it makes them sound like... well... knobs?

tunetourist said...

Ropey? Ghostface? You must be confusing him for Killah Priest or some other sub-Clan bottom-feeder. In case this passed you by, it is commonly acknowledged that Ghost is the finest MC at work in these barren times. You need to get yourself a copy of "Fishscale" and start your schooling, son!

Anonymous said...

I'm with tunetourist on this one. "Fishscale" was one of the best albums released last year, although you might have missed it thanks to the weasels at Def Jam.

Anonymous said...

"To be frank, given how ropey Killah's solo stuff is,"

Ah ha ha. I realise cynicism is your one-size-fits-all response, but you have got to be kidding.

Anonymous said...

What they said. I've never felt the need to comment on anything before, but you've just embarrassed yourself. Ghost is, and has been for many year, the most consistent and critically respected rappers around. Describing his solo output as 'ropey' clearly shows you have no idea what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you must be so embarrassed at having a different opinion from other people, particularly about someone who's critically respected - after all, those guys never get it wrong! I bet you made up all of that stuff about Victoria Newton as well.

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