Thursday, October 11, 2007

Usher's next album pushed back until kids are in college; 2025 release date pencilled in

There's some good news this lunchtime - apparently Tameka Foster has put her foot down and told her husband Usher to get all his silly ideas about making records out his head and to concentrate on their impending parenthood. There's a solid source for this, assuming you believe off-the-record briefings to Page Six to have validity:

According to a source, the Confessions singer "only listens to Tameka now, and she wants all Usher's focus to be on her and the baby". The source adds, "The album had been in the works for over a year... now it looks like it's never going to happen."

Never? Why, are we to suppose that Foster has also flushed away the master tapes accrued thus far? Surely an album that he's been working on for a year must be nearing the final buffing anyway - it's Usher, after all, it's not like he's got Kevin Shields' attention to detail holding him up.