Saturday, October 06, 2007

Winehouse jumps the barriers

Amy Winehouse nearly didn't make it to Paris for the fashion shows - yes, we know, the very thought is world-threatening, isn't it? - after having a meltydown and leaping over security barriers because she couldn't bear being separated from Blake:

One passenger tells us: "Amy was crying, gesticulating wildly and shouting while the man with her was trying to calm her and get her through the gate. She mentioned Blake's name more than once.

"Eventually they went through security, but then Amy came running back. She hurdled the security gate then ran up the escalator, shouting and screaming, into Waterloo station concourse.

"It was quite a sight - this tiny girl with a massive beehive leaping over a barrier. It was pretty clear she was not keen on getting on that train to Paris."

A policeman spotted Amy and ran after her, urging her to stop. She was eventually persuaded to get on the train.

Presumably not by the policeman, though? Do the police now have a role ensuring passengers travel even when they've changed their mind?

It's probably lucky Amy was getting the train to Paris - if she'd tried leaping over barriers at an airport, the results might have been more bloody.

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