Monday, October 01, 2007

Yoko seeks to bring peace

It's a crazy old mixed-up world, with guns and bombs and tanks and all the other panoply of war that Dolores listed in the Cranberries' Zombie. Yoko Ono, though, is prepared to do something about it, and is building a tower of light to extend the lucrative John Lennon brand ("to provide a focus for world peace").

She's building this tower in Reykjavik, a city well-known for being at the heart of so-much world conflict.

It's a bit like building a monument to gay tolerance in central Brighton: sure, it's a lovely sentiment, but it's not in the place where attitudes most urgently need changing.


Mikey said...

Yeah, I saw TV's rubber-faced funnyman Andrew Marr interviewing her about this. It's a big searchlight that, as it shines into the sky and chews through astonishing amounts of carbon-emitting fuel, will in some unspecified way promote world peace.

A bit like crawling into a bag did about thirty years ago, heralding that long era of peace which included the bloodiest phase of the Vietnam conflict, about a billion wars in Africa, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the good old Israel/Palestine love-in.

If you didn't hate irrelevant self-publicising old hippies before, now's the time to start.

Unknown said...

To be fair, isn't all the electricity used in Iceland generated geothermally (i.e., with negligible carbon emissions)?

It doesn't make the idea any less daft or self-indulgent, though.

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