Friday, November 16, 2007

Babyshambles hoped for Barat back-up

Drew McConnell has told the NME that the Babyshambles team had hoped Carl Barat would have gone on tour with them. To play guitar on one song:

[H]e and his bandmates wanted Barat to play guitar when they play the Libertines song 'Time For Heroes'.

"I suggested getting Carl," McConnell explained. "But he's not going to be around. I bump into him quite a lot and he's a good lad.

You can see why they might have wanted someone around who can keep a bit of a hand on Doherty, but did they really think offering the chance to grind around the country in a glorified session musician role was an attractive approach?

They also gave him a chance to appear on their record, too. We wonder if the constant demands to make up polite excuses is starting to wear a little on Mr. Barat.