Friday, November 16, 2007

Victoria Newton: Moving on up

It is, in a very real sense, the end of an era. Yes, having successfully, erm, done something or other, Victoria Newton is no more in charge of Bizarre.

In a working demonstration of the Peter Principle, she's been shuffled upwards to take on a whole new role:

In a major promotion, Newton will leave the Bizarre column and join the editing rota.

"Victoria Newton, who has run Bizarre so superbly and with such style, is promoted to the new post of head of features and entertainment. She will supervise the whole features and showbiz operation both in the paper and online," [Rebekah] Wade wrote.

This, of course, leaves a howling vacuum at the top of the Bizarre page - one that's been there since Newton took over, in fact - and into that hole steps Gordon Smart.

Despite sounding like a made-up pop-star from a 1980s British sitcom, Smart is considered something of a rising star at The Sun. He's clearly enjoying rewards for his quality reporting on stories such as the axing of Doctor Who after next year's series, a story none of the other papers got. That it wasn't true is neither here not there, of course.

This week, Gordon has "exclusively" revealed Russell Brand was abused as child, an exclusive he got through the journalist skill of, erm, reading a review copy of Brand's autobiography.

Some might be surprised by Smart's elevation, but he's clearly got what it takes, as demonstrated by the "news" report he filed suggesting that McCartney was a bit fed up by the divorce and was - be prepared to be shocked - relaxing by talking to his kids. Of course, it did actually take three people to file the 100 word piece, but Gordon's name came first which suggests he must have done most of the work.

We look forward to the exciting new era of the Super-Smart Bizarre with a tingling sense of anticipation.