Thursday, November 15, 2007

The horror done in the name of Skid Row

Sebastian Bach who, back in the 80s, was the traditional ending to the phrase "okay, if I really couldn't just shoot myself, and had to have sex with one of Skid Row, it would probably be...", is worried that the band's name is being traduced by the current version of the group. He frets:

. The Skid Row of 2007 doesn't help matters at all by what they are doing. They are wrecking the name worse than can ever be wrecked. So they make my job harder when I am trying to do something cool and new, and they are just touring the world two out of five original members, playing with all the bands that we would never have toured with me in the band. So they make it hard.

Yes, it's simply because of the rump-leftovers of Skid Row touring that people find it hard to take you seriously when you do something "cool and new", Mr. Bach.

And what is the "cool and new" thing that you're doing that being linked with 80s pop metal makes it hard to pull off? Ballet? Grime? Crunk?
Angel Down is more of what you would expect from me and what I expect of myself, which is ass kickin' rock n' roll! I am really happy with the songs, the playing, the production, the artwork and, oh yeah, I have a guest star on the album, too!

Yes, he's made a rock record with Axl Rose. And yet Skid Row keep trying to suggest that he's nothing more than a pantomime rock horse stuck in the 1980s, trading off faded glories. That really must suck.

[Via Idolator]


Anonymous said...

Oh god. I read an interview with Hook in Guitar about 2 years ago and he mentioned this. I assumed he was joking.

Anonymous said...

You know how, when you try to think of famous French rock stars, you keep coming up with Belgians by mistake? I had the same problem trying to recall Skid Row tracks. "'More Than Words'? Hang on, no, that was Extreme... 'Hole Hearted'? Nope, that was Extreme too... 'Stop the World'? Dammit, bloody Extreme, get out of my head. 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn'? Agh, that was Poison..."

Was it '18 And Life'?

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