Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's yet another new take on selling music online

We're trying hard to not just be totally cynical, but when someone pitches up promising “fresh take on the distribution structure of music, offering all-digital, all-free music for streaming or download without DRM", we tend to think "oh, this is just going to be yet another website that attempts to make money from advertising" rather than "really? what's the totally new take, then?"

And so it is. RCRDLBL wouldn't even be worth a second breath were it not for the involvement of Engadget founder Peter Rojas, but it's really just another Spiralfrog in a long line of Spiralfrogs.

The New York Post reports:

One source familiar with the project described it as a "curated YouTube or MySpace for music with an editorially driven filter."

You know what? Most of the business MySpace and YouTube does is, erm, music-related. It's like setting up a service promising to be the Amazon of online DVD sales.