Friday, November 16, 2007

Lloyd-Webber hails Winehouse

Not everyone is ripping strips off Amy's Birmingham date. She finds support from Andrew Lloyd-Webber, who took David Frost to see the gig.

You might consider that having Frost and Webber in your audience is as much a setback as turning up late, slurring your way through the songs and getting booed, but let's be fair.

Lloyd-Webber (and Frost) apparently had trouble understanding why the show went down so badly:

I thought there were moments when she was absolutely magnificent.

The original curate's egg, in other words.
It was strange what happened last night. Suddenly, way into the show, the audience suddenly turned on her and she wasn’t equipped to handle it.

"She made the mistake of haranguing the audience instead of letting it go."

Lloyd-Webber seems to put the blame for the show going wrong, you'll note, on the audience - as if people would have paid all this cash and come along simply to boo for no reason.
"There were moments during the show where she was up there with the A-list. Amy showed flashes of genius."

You don't think, Andrew, that this might be the problem? That people had paid A-list prices for an A-list show from an A-list performer and instead got just "occasional flashes" of what they'd come to see?