Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mills dumped by PR advisor

You know, it's kind of curious that Heather Mills should rail quite so strongly against Rupert Murdoch's papers when she'd been paying for PR services from Phil Hall, who had worked for Rupert as News of the World editor.

Had been paying, mind: Hall has walked away now, opting to not be part of the current campaign:

"We are still mates but I am not working with her any more," Mr Hall told

"Yesterday, she said she wanted to do this TV campaign attacking newspapers, but I have a good relationship with newspapers and my business depends on feeding that good relationship," he added.

"She wanted me to orchestrate this campaign and make calls to newspapers but I have got friends and mates in national newspapers and it didn't seem right to make those calls and attack them."

Interesting he was there in the first place, though, isn't it?

Heather Mills, sobbing on GMTV about how she was an "ordinary person" while having a former tabloid editor advising her on media relations?

Heather Mills, disgusted by the Sun, while employing the former editor of their sister paper.

Heather Mills, comparing her treatment by the press to the way Diana Windsor was treated, while employing a man who told ITV he felt he had a "huge responsibility" for what happened to Diana?

Heather Mills, crusader for public protection from the worst excesses of the tabloid press, while having her PR handled by a man who cheerfully admitted using pretty girls ("Hall's angels") in entrapment set-ups to "expose" the behaviour of Tom Parker-Bowles?

No wonder Hall is backing off from the latest campaign. As humbug goes, this is something of a gobstopper.


Anonymous said...

Well that answers the question as to who was advising her. I have to assume that despite being well coached she went somewhat off script unless Hall just couldn't stop himself from throwing her into the lions den for one last mauling.

Anonymous said...

"I thought about killing myself because then Beatrice would be safe with her father."

= suicidal tendencies, admits child would be better off with other parent.

Way to fight a custody battle, you hysterical bint.

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