Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not in Nottingham again: Arcade Fire bottled

Nottingham is unlikely to see a gig by the Arcade Fire in the future, after the band were hit by bottles during their Nottingham Arena show. Although it's possible Win Butler was hit by a shoe rather than a bottle, but the point remains the same.


Anonymous said...

I was there and couldn't believe someone could be so stupid as to do such a thing. The show seemed to attract a more discerning crowd but as usual it only takes a couple of people to ruin it for thousands.
win butler showed great courage to carry on and please the true Arcade Fire fans and I agree with his stance that he won't play Nottingham again.
On top of that the security did absolutely nothing about the situation. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

the security people were too busy making sure that people didn't put a foot onto the yellow strip around the edge of the arena to actually sort out a genuine problem. thow a bottle at a football match and you'd be banned for life!

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