Thursday, November 01, 2007

More on Mills...

Heather is currently on NBC, complaining about the way the media rips into people's reputations while - simultaneously - suggesting that Paul McCartney is a bit mean when it comes to his charitable donations and hasn't done enough to protect her from the beastly press.

Meanwhile, does Mills really think that You Care is the best way to air her grievances against The Sun? It's somewhat histrionic, calling the paper "the so-called Sun", as if - amongst the real problems with some of its content - it's somehow passing itself off as a giant fireball at the heart of a solar system.

It's been put together by Mills' sister, and finds time to buff Heather's halo a little on the way:

It is high time we took a stance and made a decision not to accept modern day stoning of anybody, never mind someone that has only tried to help the lives of animals and men, women and children for the last 17 years.

More to the point, if you're claiming the moral high ground and calling for unbiased reporting, shouldn't you at least mention that The Sun has apologised for its coverage of the Hillsborough deaths? You may wish to add you feel it was an economically-motivated apology, you might also choose to say it was too little, too late. But not even mentioning it might look a little like... oh, could it be misrepresentation?


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