Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oasis pledge never to 'do a Radiohead'

Liam Gallagher - who also seems to think that Radiohead 'gave their record away for free' - has, somewhat unsurprisingly, insisted that Oasis wouldn't follow them:

Specifically, he said he would allow it to happen "over my dead body".

There's probably a very good reason why Oasis would choose not to sell their albums for what people felt them to be worth, as the administration in ensuring all downloaders got given five pounds would be a nightmare.

Liam also enthused over how the recording sessions for the 79th Oasis album - the 78th pale imitation of the first one - is going:
"There's lots of cool parts," he told Reuters. "Really, we're throwing everything at it.

"Hopefully our kid's [Noel Gallagher] learned his lesson [about over-tweaking things in the studio]. It shouldn't be hard making music. We've been doing it long enough."

Yes, Liam, you certainly have been making for music for quite, quite long enough.