Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lily Allen insists Radiohead isn't laying eggs

The current music industry has been good to Lily Allen, designed, as it is, to promote personality above talent, so it's understandable that anything which challenges the status quo is going to cause her some mild alarm. So it is she's attacked Radiohead for their variable pricing experiment:

"It's arrogant for them to give their music away for free - they've got millions of pounds. It sends a weird message to younger bands who haven't done as well.”

Except they didn't 'give their music away for free' - they invited people to pay what they felt it was worth. And younger bands might consider that the two and a half million the band apparently trousered could be a good start towards 'doing well'.
“You don't choose how much to pay for eggs. Why should it be different for music?"

Actually, Lily, in some places you do choose how much to pay for eggs - on country lanes you find a basket of eggs and an honest box with an invitation to pay what you feel they're worth.

And it's not as if the concept of paying someone according to how well they've pleased you is totally alien, is it? Unless Lily tips waiters and cabbies a fixed amount, delineated in advance. Paying someone according to the quality of service - why should it be different for music, Lily?


Anonymous said...

Besides, rich people who don't need the money doing something experimental instead of trying to squeeze every last penny out of their fans seems like a pretty cool thing to do. Trust her to find a way to make it personally insulting to her.

Unknown said...

she could have picked any product in the western world as an example, and managed to pick one of the few in which you actually can pay what you want in many cases. i love the utter cluelessness of that.

Anonymous said...

Really? Where can I go and have a farmer give me eggs and I then tip my hat and give him nothing. I'd like to know where I can do that.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Well, stanfrombrooklynandbristol, you'd have to be a complete shit to pay nothing at all, but I'd suggest you try driving around smaller villages in Devon or elsewhere in South West England and keeping an eye out for tables set up in the front of houses. At other times of the year, you'll find other produce being offered in the same way.

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