Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Woman's valiant struggle

At long last, someone has stepped forward to break the duopoly on celebrity weddings. Jackie Hatton, editor of Woman, pants to the UK Press Gazette of her vital blow for the freedom of the press:

“As far as I’m aware it’s a first for the mainstream woman’s market. Weddings have been the province of the Hellos and OKs of this world, and we relaunched last year to bring the title bang up-to-date and embrace the market trends. Once you start looking at celebrity and the ways that celebrity is covered across the media, the big attention grabbers are the big events – the births, the weddings, and the engagement parties.”

She's put her entire operation on standby to turnaround the vital story as quickly as is possible:
A team of 10 editorial staff worked to produce the coverage within 24 hours of the ceremony.

And who is the latter-day Princess Grace whose nuptials have been snatched from under the very nose of OK and Hello!?

Erm, Colleen Nolan.

Still, Hello must be annoyed at losing a perfectly serviceable story it could have used on a half-page somewhere near the back. And how, exactly, did Woman secure this scoop?

Erm, Colleen is a columnist for the magazine.