Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rock and roll and... oh, soddit

Meat Loaf seems to have grown tired of himself, leaving the stage in Newcastle halfway through a song last night. The audience insist he said he was quitting, by the man who's booked him on his current tour is desperately denying that:

"I've spoken to his doctor, and it's clear it's just exhaustion and stress," said Andrew Miller. "It's not his last ever gig, that's for sure."

"He'll be fine," he said. "We hope that 24 hours rest will get him better."

He added that claims the singer had told the audience it would be his "last ever gig" were "totally unfounded".

"I was backstage with him last night and he apologised, saying 'I'm just exhausted.'"

We know he's got to remain upbeat, but if Loaf is so "just" exhausted he's walking off stage half-way through a song, is it entirely fair to expect him to complete the rest of his dates on this tour? Won't that increase his levels of "just" exhaustion and "just" stress?