Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stoned at home

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now, as Joss Stone snuffles about the reception for her second album:

"I felt kind of sad about it actually.

It's funny because the only country that hasn't liked it is my own.

"It's just like, well, thanks guys! It's like coming home and having them be like, 'Go away, we don't like you!'

"It's the whole country and it's like they're mad at me for being in the US.

"Maybe it's because I dye my hair, maybe because my accent is messed up. But I've got to let it go and get on with my music."

Or... and here's a though, Joss... maybe it's because your last album was aimed at a sludgy, AOR market which doesn't exist in large enough numbers in the UK to make it as lucrative. But, still, not to worry - you carry on counting your money. Sorry, getting on with your music.


Anonymous said...

I think it's her third album...

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is. Not that that makes it any better.

This is, still, What It's All About:

Good to see that she's honest about her voice, though. But, as I said, people would accept that mid-Atlantic accent if she was from Hertfordshire or Essex. Plenty of people who ridicule her for it themselves have accents leaning that way - it's just that it doesn't fit with the Devon they recall from childhood holidays.

She is a victim of Britain's strange determination to promote Heritage at the exact same time as promoting pop culture as God (indeed, Heritage began as a means of keeping old Tories from realising precisely how pro-pop-culture Thatcherism was in practice, if not in theory). Mind you, she deserves it, because she's *crap*.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Joss forgot that us Brits don't take kindly to people who forget their roots. Maybe a nice cover version of 'Jenny from the Block' ('Jossy from the Farm (The Ooh-arr Song)') would work?

Anonymous said...

I think a 21st century 'Unhalfbricking' (or even a 'Liege and Lief') would be better. Not that she'd be capable of it, of course (indeed, the only people who would would be bohemians from middle-class parts of London - that was the case even in the 1920s).

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