Thursday, December 27, 2007

How did you spend Christmas, Shane McGowan?

You have to feel a pang of sympathy for Shane McGowan. Having reached his 50th birthday - against, it should be noted, enormous odds - on Christmas Day, he might have expected some praise. A reassessment of his career. Perhaps a South Bank Show special.

Instead, he ended up doing this. On his 50th Birthday. On TV:

And we know it's possibly being a little over-sensitive, but is it really all that funny to replace a woman who died in the sea with a person dressed up as a beluga whale?

UPDATE: This has returned to YouTube:


Anonymous said...

There's nothing remotely funny about Harry Fucking Hill, whether dressed as an aquatic mammal or not. The mere sight of the gurning little twat makes me want to punch kittens.

And breathe...

Anonymous said...

Where's the Showband-obit?

Anonymous said...

I feel no sympathy whatsoever - presumably the gun held to McGowan's head was just out of camera shot? And as for the replacement of Kirsty with a whale - yes, you are being ridiculously oversensitive.

Laura Brown said...

I couldn't agree more, karlt. We don't have a telly at home, so Christmas Day at the in-laws' is one of my few chances to see Hill and other staples of British TV. As I watched everyone else in the room hooting with laughter, I started to wonder if my brain had been secretly swapped by extraterrestrials. I mean, are we really supposed to think that showing a clip of a TV programme, then repeating the last line in a silly voice, is the height of comedy genius? Have people's minds been so numbed by constant exposure to this sh!t that they just laugh whenever they're told?

Anyway, Simon, do you know anything about Kevin Greening?

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