Monday, December 03, 2007

Island shrinking; Sony BMG too

In order to ensure they can keep feeding cash into the RIAA money pit, the majors are celebrating Christmas by throwing some people out of work. Sony BMG are rumoured to be about to make deep cuts somewhere, though rumours aren't sure which label will feel the pain; while Universal's Island DefJam are tossing people out, too.

Amongst those caught in the fallout is Ultragrrrl's Stolen Transmission, although she's upbeat about it:

Now that I've had my experience with Island/Def Jam, I know how to actually run a label, and I helped set up 9 amazing releases from Permanent ME, the Oohlas, Monty Are I, Bright Light Fever, the Horrors, Schoolyard Heroes, PlayRadioPlay!, Innerpartysystem, and the Photo Atlas. I'm so fucking proud that my label went from me and a bunch of interns sitting in my bedroom smoking and watching degrassi and eating guac i had just made to me sitting in meetings once a week with JayZ and now it'll just go back to being run from my apartment again. We plan on continuing with Stolen Transmission and are really excited to be returning to our indie roots.

It's unclear if guacamole will be playing a key role in the new, downsized Stolen Transmission.