Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Zunes in short supply

Exciting news for Microsoft: the Zune is a sell-out. And back-orders are starting to pile up. Although this turns out to be more because they've not made enough to meet a fairly low level of demand than because they've been fabulously successful. And not having devices in the shops as people go out Christmas shopping might not be the sharpest strategy to defeat the iPod.


Duncan said...

To provide a bit of extra info for your readers, it's the new Zune 80 that's selling out. There's plenty of the 4 and 8GB models available still.

Here's what Zune team member Cesar Menendez said about the situation:

"Based on our own forecasts as well as early retail orders, we chose to prioritize production of the Zune 4 and Zune 8. Zune 80 was at retail on launch day albeit in lower numbers. That combined with the positive press cycle and higher-than-expected demand has led to the current situation - but here’s the good news – we’ve stepped up production and significant inventory will begin hitting stores within the next 7-10 days."


Anonymous said...

Oh I see. It was nothing to do with Microsoft having previously stuffed the retail channels with stock of the useless Zune Mark 1 which they needed to offload first then (available at hefty discounts on Amazon and elsewhere).

In another genius move, one of the "upgraded" features of the new Zune is the removal of the graphic EQ.

Duncan said...

None of the Zunes have ever had a graphic EQ - the old ones had presets like "Jazz" and "Electronic", but they've ditched that on the new Zunes - which they say is to help extend the battery life.

Besides, does anyone genuinely change their EQ preset on a more-than-monthly basis? I have it on my Zune Mark 1 (which I find rather lovely and decidedly non-useless, especially with the Zune 2 software) and very rarely change it...

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