Saturday, January 12, 2008

Core removed

The DAB radio line-up is looking somewhat ropey today as The Core ceases broadcasting, replaced by that old standby for when Radio 5 didn't have anything to transmit, BFBS. Although The Core has been closed by GCap as part of its failing digital strategy, its website would make you think they've just run out of space:

We're sorry to announce that Core will be coming off-air at the end of Friday 11 January. We are making way for a new national station on DAB from this Saturday, and we will stop broadcasting online at the same time.

Oh, yes. We bet the Squaddie Service was desperate for that frequency.

Also gone is Oneword, a couple of weeks after Channel 4 bailed out of joint ownership; their berth on the DAB line-up is currently piping out birdsong. Their website says goodbye:
Oneword Radio - Update

Unfortunately Oneword will no longer be broadcasting from Saturday 12th January. We are genuinely grateful to all our listeners for their loyal and continued support over the last eight years.

The Core failed because it wasn't distinctive; Oneword failed because it couldn't afford to be distinctive. With that in mind, is Channel 4 really sure about the money it's committing to its radio adventure?