Saturday, January 05, 2008

Heroin's one thing, but having a pop at bad spelling?

In the Times, Peter Paphides considers musical bloggers - which is amusing in its own right, but gets even better when a contributor to the comments chides him for criticizing Courtney's blog:

My friend's daughter in Portland, Oregon did heroin at Love's house some years ago. Thankfully, my friend's kid pulled out of that and is now successful and smart.

I don't like Courtney Love much. However, I don't see why anyone should demand a musician or fashion celebrity be able to write or blog.

Well, nobody does. But if you're going to blog, shouldn't you at least be halfway coherent? After all, nobody asks me to be able to make a top ten single, but if I did release one, I don't think my terrible singing and incompetent rhythm would be excused by saying "well, really, I'm a blogger and so I don't see why I should be any good..."