Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morrissey chests up Obama's run

There's a wonderful photo of Morrissey wearing a tshirt picturing him stood next to Barack Obama during his aborted run of London gigs (Mozzer's gigs, not Obama's); apparently it was made for him by one of his hardcore fans.

That might prove a bit of a problem, though, what with Obama's position on US immigration, calling for a "path to citizenship" for all undocumented workers in the country. Oh, hang on, though - Morrissey only objects to immigration into the UK, doesn't he, what with his happy emigration to other nations. So maybe that's alright, then. We'd love for Mozzer to explain, but experience suggests we shouldn't hold our breath.

The t-shirt also depicts Mozzer with a head full of hair, which is presumably to underline the fantasy inherent in the idea of a Brit as a Vice-Presidential running mate.

8 comments: said...

Moz calls Obama a terrorist in the video interview here:

Anonymous said...

england for the english
and the states for whoever
eh, moz?

Anonymous said...

If you want a shirt, let me know. chickeninatutu at yahoo dot com.


Anonymous said...

Torr: Thanks for the link...Morrissey really needs to stop bleating about politics, he just comes off more and more like a particularly passionate 15-year-old who gets his talking points from MTV.

As for the shirt (and how hideously caricatured is that Obama pic?) he could have been portrayed with Clinton, Huckabee or even Thompson and he'd have worn it. He's just throwing a bone to the sycophant who made it for him.

Drewski said...

wow, you terds need to read objective news and stop reading the conservative rags. morrissey has never and will never be so racist as to say that immigrants should be excluded. What he was saying was that it needs to be controlled because look at the state of things in the US and UK, pure crap. Morrissey's involved in world politics, as he's always been, because he wants a better WORLD. get over yourself.

Jack said...

I don't see anyone here calling Morrissey racist.

What I do see is people saying that he's made statements which show his ignorance of reality, which is true.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

A few points:

Terds is spelt with a 'U'

Morrissey did say that he believes the Gates Of England are flooded. Which does seem to be suggesting that immigrants should be excluded.

It's more than mite hypocritical for someone who made his home in the US to be calling for stronger immigration controls; and for someone who now lives in Continental Europe to suggest that it's terrible that you don't hear people talking in English accents in Knightsbridge.

If you truly believe that immigration has made things "pure crap" in the UK and the US and not, say, rampant corporatism, easy credit which suddenly becomes expensive credit, the influence of certain right-wing newspapers and, ooh, many thousands of other things, you might want to show your working.

"Conservative rags" tend to agree with strict immigration controls, you probably wanted to tell us not to read liberal rags.

There's such a thing as "objective news" - some news sources try harder to be balanced and fair than others, but there's always mediation and selection and reshaping. You're better off not limiting to reading news that tells you things you agree with - which is what you seem to be suggesting - and should read bits of everything, but read it all critically.

Morrissey has "always been involved in World Politics"? Funny, that, I seem to have missed his album about free elections in South America. Was that before his sixteenth one about gangs in London with guns, or after it?

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