Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MTV Fluxed

So, the bright, shiny multiplatform MTV Flux - the new channel which MTV killed VH2 for - has flopped badly.

How badly?

So badly, it's being dumped in favour of a timeshifted version of MTV One.

MTV is trying to spin the retreat from the idea of a channel based on user-generated content as some sort of step forward:

The company intends to keep the MTV Flux online community alive and integrate the user-generated content concept into its MTV-branded music channels.

Music channels MTV2, Base, Hits and Dance will begin to offer a weekly 30-minute show, with the working title Flux Me I'm Famous, that will cover the most popular celebrity news stories discussed by the online community.

Clearly, though, this is a terrible flop for MTV's strategy of merging TV and video, and should be a warning to anyone who thinks that you can easily strap together a web 2.0 community and a linear TV channel. Eh, BBC Three?