Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh, God: Doherty's got a novel

Apparently clean and lovin' it - or clean enough to fool Spin magazine, anyway, Pete Doherty reveals that there's a nightmare for all of us that's followed him from his drug days: A novel:

“It’s a sizzling gypsy tale, a rambling, shambling, melody of a novel that came about when I was still on the old fighting juice. It’s fascinating stuff."

We suppose he means "fascinating stuff" in the way that he believed those awful, drug-addled journals were in some way interesting to anyone other than himself and armchair psychologists.

Without the drugs, without Kate, and without Carl, Doherty's starting to look more and more like a long-lost Chuckle Brother.


Anonymous said...

oh for gawds sake, this is a classic example of you lying down and taking the tabloids (or gigwise's) load right in your mouth norock (!!). had you read the actual article (it's scanned online) you'd have realised that - like everyone else out there - you have completely missed the main story here.

1). doherty doesnt mention a novel at all. he just says he's been writing fiction rather than songs recently. (that's not exactly sending harper & collins an invitation is it?!)

2). the real story is thus: spin actually paint a rather vile, lurid picture of doherty at present, totally at odds with his "i'm currently clean" schtick. hence the bit about the stench of his house, the amount of catshit everywhere and the constant references to drugs throughout the article.

i don't understand why such a great blog writer can take the piss out of gordon smart for not doing his homework and then make exactly the same mistakes himself. grrr!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Um... anonymous... you do realise that Gordon Smart actually reported the claims that the house smelled after he read it in Spin earlier in the week, don't you?

I suppose, to be fair, I could have used a formulation "a novel, or perhaps a collection of short stories", but since Doherty calls his fiction a "rambling, shambling melody of a novel", I think it's fairly safe to conclude that it's a novel.

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