Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Radiohead in London: Eyewitness

Thanks to regular commenter Jack, who was amongst the throng when Radiohead played 93 Feet East last week, and has shared his report with us:
It was certainly the best gig of my life! The whole day was certainly an experience. People arriving without being sure what to expect.

The thing I was most surprised with was how civilised everyone was with the wristband situation. There were, of course, a number of people trying to blag it when going down to 93ft East (after the wristbands were given out), but they were relatively good natured about leaving when they were told.

The gig itself was far better than I could have imagined, even after all the build up of the day. Nobody knew what to expect. I believe the original words that were spread around said "some songs from the new album", but people reasoned that it would end up having to be more since there was so much faffing, it was hardly worth it for five songs or so. I think everyone had realised what was happening after Bodysnatchers came on.

As is expected, the encore got the best response, and I'm sure many people came out of the gig with National Anthem being their favourite Radiohead track. That in particular unexpectedly stood out for me.

We wondered if there'd been any announcement about the event being webcast - of a 'you're online live, be careful' nature. Here's what Jack told us:

As for any announcements, there weren't any at all. I'm not sure of the legal standing of that (since gig tickets pretty much always have "by attending, you forfeit all rights to payment for your likeness being used in broadcast" or something, but there was nothing for this). Possibly the fact that a webcast was mentioned in the original message posted online means that they assume that everyone saw that and agreed or something. But there was nothing warning people of anything like that.