Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cerys, now is the time to worry

We understand that some of Cerys Matthews' friends and family are concerned - worried, indeed, enough to contact the tabloids - that she might be heading for some sort of disaster. They're waiting for a wake-up call.

Here it is: You know you're in trouble when Kerry Katona is offering advice on how to sort out your life.

We haven't seen the issue of OK where Kerry gives some pointers to Cerys, but we imagine it'll include fully briefing your press person on what drugs you're taking so he doesn't look a lemon when he tells the papers you've never taken cocaine, and getting a nice little job pushing stuff on the telly. But not Iceland, obviously - that's Kerry's gig, and she'll protect it with fighting, if need be.

We notice from the cover of OK, by the way, that it's landed the "world exclusive" on the sex of Katona's latest spawnage. Bet the Washington Post and Der Speigel are mad as hell at missing out on that one.