Saturday, February 02, 2008

After nearly 50 years, Cliff finishes his review of The Beatles

Cliff Richard - and we can only assume this has been eating away at him since the middle of the last century - isn't impressed by The Beatles Please Please Me:

"Some of the guitar is so out of tune it's unbelievable. I couldn't believe that here they were in this hi-tech age and they couldn't go back and do it with a tuned guitar."

Since Cliff made his observations, the public have realised they've had it wrong all these years and are demanding refunds. Branches of Rumblelows are to reopen specially to provide people with refunds.


Anonymous said...

I always remember that bit on TW3 about how Norrie Paramor, who produced most of Cliff's early singles, took "all the messiness and unpredictability of music". This would have been at pretty much the same time "Please Please Me" came out, and it's the point Cliff still can't understand - his own songs of the time may have been professional, but they lacked *life*. Whatever else the Beatles may or may not have done, they had more *life* in those early records than any of Paramor's immaculate productions could ever have dreamed of. And, suddenly, people wanted *life* as they never had before.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Paramor took "all the messiness and unpredictability *out* of music".

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