Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bono returns to one of his many dayjobs

Good news for the Dutch exchequer: U2 are back in a recording studio shaping some noises into a new album.

Yes, it's hardly good news for anyone else. Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois are there:

"We're going to try and break new sonic ground and deliver a masterpiece," Lanois tells "The sleeves are rolled up. Bono is all charged up with a lyrical angle."

Breaking new sonic ground? Presumably with some sort of guitarry-steam-hammer? No, apparently with a springboard:
"We've had some exciting beginnings via jam sessions," he continues. "Now we will pick our favorite beginnings and say, 'OK, that's a lovely springboard. Now what are we trying to say?' The springboards are sometimes melodic, sometimes riff-based, but I can assure you they are exciting."

Aha. Can you also assure us that it's not a load of pomp-besplattered stadium rock that's just in need of a black and white video to finish? Mr. Lanois? Hello?

Nope, the line seems to have gone dead.