Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cole fumes at coke-head

Not that she's bitter or anything like that, but Natalie Cole is boiling mad that Amy Winehouse won some Grammys:

“I don’t think she deserved it,” previous Grammy-winning singer Natalie Cole said. “I think she needs to get her life together first, and then get the awards later."

It's not clear if Cole has a fully-fledged guide to acceptable behaviour she'd like to see the Grammy Academy introduce for shortlisted artists, or if it's merely Cole doesn't want crack-smokers to be given an award. Or, perhaps, she only wants 'good behaviour' to be a voting factor in categories she might stand a chance of winning if she ever makes a decent record again.

Perhaps someone should take her aside and explain the Grammys are for performance (supposedly) and sales (more honestly), while it's up to the church and courts to deal with character and morality.


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