Saturday, February 02, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: What have they got against Bedingfield?

Have the new 3AM Girls got some sort of score to settle with Natasha Bedingfield? Yesterday they ran a piece snorting at her "ten fans" and then suggesting that she'd let down a UK fanbase that they claimed didn't exist. Today, Bedingfield's people have tried to make ammends:

The singer's people have been on to us saying she's as "disappointed as her fans" and that she "really wants to come home ASAP and make it up to them".


We're told: " She'll release a single with Sean Kingston this spring and do some free gigs in the UK before the end of summer to try and give something back to the fans."

And the 3AMies response?
Try harder.

What? Free gigs, a tour as soon as possible, a new single? What do the 3AMies want, exactly? Some sort of ritual act of contrition? Self-evisceration on national television, perhaps?