Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy adverts experience

The crossovers of advertising and music usually generate misery and painful stories, so it's nice to hear Feist with nothing but good things to say about her iPod ad experience:

“I was a little naïve as to the impact it would have because I really didn’t have any idea it would be like that. But it did me nothing but favours because I’ve continued doing what I do, but with so many new open ears from so many more people than there were before.”

“Once it came out and the response happened that’s when a little bit of apprehension kicked in.

"I thought, in a way it’s my worst nightmare to have people at the concert twiddling their thumbs waiting for the one song they recognise. But any of those fears were quickly assuaged when I realised that would only happen if I stopped dead in my tracks and didn’t do another thing in my life.”

Microsoft insiders are reading this as a coded willingness to consider taking part in a Zune campaign.