Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Mo', say Ho' Mo

Holy Moly - perhaps somewhat surprisingly, given its reputation - has revealed it's got more scruples than the tabloids by announcing a ban on 'paparazzi shots of celebrities in distress:

In a statement on its website Holy Moly said there had been a "definite change in the perception of paparazzi pictures" and it would no longer publish photos of celebrities being chased in cars or on bikes.

Holy Moly added that it would also no longer show celebrities with their children, people "in distress" at being photographed, or when they were not "on duty".

However, it said celebrities who attend press launches and premieres and "idiots who go to places like The Ivy ... for a quiet bite to eat" remained fair game, as do "blatant photo opportunities" where the press are tipped off in advance.

Of course, Moly isn't the first outlet to make such a pledge - the Mail issued a high-minded ban on pap snaps when Diana's driver crashed the car. The difference, of course, is you'd be more keen to believe HM. The Mail's self-imposed censorship lasted until, ooh, the first photography agency rang up with some photos to sell, we think.