Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sadi Thom takes it on board

Apparently, the criticism of her last album has shaped Sandi Thom's new one:

"I've learned to take criticism better and grown a thicker skin," Thom told the Daily Record. "Some of the songs were inspired by criticism from the media."

She can't have taken too much on board, though, otherwise she wouldn't have made a second album, would she?

Thom suggests the whole stunt which launched her was a bit of a mistake:
"The webcasts were a great thing to happen but they overshadowed the music. It was unfortunate. I want this album to wipe the slate clean. Just listen to the songs. There's nothing contrived, it's just about the music."

So, that would seem to admit the whole of the first album - from the 'unsigned basement sessions' onwards - was contrived.