Saturday, March 29, 2008

50 Cent blames clock for flop

The very real possibility that 50 Cent's Curtis album sold underwhelmingly because he's lost whatever the it was that he once had doesn't seem to have occured to him, although he does admit he delivered a pup:

"It was a blockbuster that I lit, and it didn't explode,” the rapper said. “I felt like it should have went a lot further than the results I received.”

We're not quite sure why one would light a blockbuster, or, indeed, if something can be a blockbuster that doesn't explode, and it's clear that Cent is still trying to puzzle out why it didn't work.
“I feel that 50 Cent fans don't believe it was a dud,” he told MTV. “It did have 'I Get Money’, it did have 'Ayo Technology’, 'I'll Still Kill’, 'Follow My Lead' with Robin Thicke.

“These records were hit records, but the timing they came out was wrong.”

Aha. Timing. The record was a blockbuster, it just didn't sell because of time and not because it wasn't very good. And probably because of other people's faults, too:
The rapper admitted that had the record been marketed differently by his record label before its release it would have sold “more millions in sales.”

Yes. If, for example, they'd wrapped it in a sleeve with a picture of Kanye West on, it;d have sold many, many more millions.