Friday, March 07, 2008

Beatles bought by the Bus body

In a move which is either an act of genius or a dispiriting move on the part of a public body, Merseytravel has bought The Beatles. Or at least The Beatles Story.

BBC Merseyside describes The Beatles Story as

"[t]he world's only permanent Beatles attraction"

as if you'd expect there to be seven or eight scattered across the globe.

Although having said that, you might wonder what the reconstructed Cavern Club is. Or McCartney and Lennon's houses, which are run by the National Trust.

Merseytravel's rationale for buying the exhibition seems to be that as they are charged with moving people round Merseyside, they need to make sure there's some reason for people to come there in the first place. In effect, the Beatles are like the ferries:
"Ten years ago, faced with falling passenger numbers, we took the strategic decision to reposition the Mersey Ferries as a major tourist attraction, while maintaining a commuter service."

We're not sure the ferries are a major tourist attraction - aren't they the sort of thing you'd do if you were in Liverpool anyway rather than a draw in their own right?

Still, we're sure this sign that Merseytravel has so much money bus and train fares have surely been abolished in the county will be welcome by locals. Right?