Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bjork's year of living dangerously

Having upset Serbia by dedicating the song Declare Independence to Kosovo last week, this week, Bjork's now done the song in Shanghai and yelled 'Tibet, Tibet' over the end of the song.

It's not gone down well:

"If she really did this, then this woman really makes people throw up," one comment on popular Chinese Web site Sina.com said.

It's nice that the commenter decided to withold his politically-motivated puking until he's had it confirmed that she really did it. Too often the quality of political debate is sullied by people spewing before they're certain of all the facts.

Apparently, people who were there were a bit underwhelmed, too:
"The atmosphere was very strange, uncomfortable compared to the rest of the concert," said audience member Stephen Gow, a British teacher who lives in Shanghai. People didn't boo, Gow said, but they left the Shanghai International Gymnastic Center hurriedly.

It's wonderful that Bjork showed her disgust at Chinese official policy by ensuring that when she did a gig in the country she didn't cash the cheque before muttering something about Tibet.


Anonymous said...

well it is nice you assumed bjork to be so forthright and heroic, that she was so smart to carry the message first and foremost, but of course she made sure she got her pay cheque first.

unfortunately for her and other musicians and activists , they really should study chinese history over the span of 5000 years before making such incredulous remarks that in fact puts them in the light of ignorance and stupidity.

the level of self serving bollocks this type of inappropriate behaviour brings to artists and performers is what gives them a bad name. shame on her.

she should have been put in to a chinese prison cell for 24 hours to contemplate on her inappropriate action.

i wonder whether this would be received with so little resistance if she were to gig in jerusalem and chanted 'palestine, palestine, raise your flag!'

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