Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ContactMusic attempts to get Sting a little fatwah

While I have very little time for Sting, his lutes and his enormous self-regard, I don't think I'd want to treat him as badly as ContactMusic has. Reporting plans for Geert
Wilders to push ahead with his film attacking the Koran
, ContactMusic choose for no discernable reason to file this story under Sting, scattering pictures of Sting around the report and providing links to more stories about Sting.

There are two explanations: either the automated system used to publish by the site has found the word "posting" in the report and decided that this must mean it's got something to do with the singer from The Police; or someone who works for ContactMusic really, really hates Sting and wants to plant the seed in extremist minds that Sting is somehow associated with insulting the prophet. Either way, if I was Sting, I'd be a little unsettled.


Anonymous said...

Cool. All of Your posts are very interesting.Thank you.

Paul Wells said...

Didn't this happen recently at ContactMusic with a post about Ringo Starr that had random pictures of Sting in it? If I remember, that was because it had the word 'suggeSting' in it.
What's of more concern to me is that because your title had the word Fatwah in it, whoever provides your ads decided that I'd like to see an advert for a muslim dating site..... If you'd used the word Crusade or Spanish Inquisition then do you think I'd be seeing a Catholic dating ad?

Anonymous said...

I also like the other Sting related news


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